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We are back, after a lengthy delay.

Unfortunately the hackers who invaded the site deleted most of the previous years content. Most of this will slowly be added back to the site over the next few months.

Meanwhile, enjoy the older content they kindly left!


Dead Classic 4 – Rusting Valiant Wagon

Dead Classic 4 – A rusting Valiant Wagon slowly returns to nature.


Dead Classic 4 – Ashes to Ashes – Valiant to Rust

Chrysler Australia Ltd reached its 25th birthday in 1976 – and edged closer to it’s demise in 1980 – with the production of over 30,000 CL Valiants.

There wouldnt be too many CL’s left these days, this once decent example, apart from the questionable colour  – is now returning back to the trace elements it is made from. Sitting high on a hill overlooking the ocean, this big Valiant wagon is showing signs of the dreaded terminal car cancer – rust.

Click on the pictures for a bigger – and more depressing – image.



Way Back When- Dragstrip Car Park in 1979

Way Back When – What the car park at the drags looked like in 1979.


Way Back When – Car Park at the Drags in 1979

There are plenty of old pics of race and drag cars from the seventies and eighties, but what what were the spectator’s driving?
Take a look at the widescreen image above (click the photo for the big size) to see what we were driving then.
Not a whole lot other than Holden and Falcon! Picture was taken at Perth’s now defunct Ravenswood dragstrip to show the bushfire in the background.
The car’s turned out to be the most interesting things, along with the dress code.


Return of the Torana – Is this the new GTR-XU1?

Is this a new Torana GTR XU1?


The New Torana GTR XU1?

Could the Torana be on the way back to the Australian marketplace? According to Wheels magazine, possibly.

In January this year, Chevrolet displayed a concept car, the Code 130R, at the Detroit Motor Show.  Designed to appeal to the under 30 year old, the Code 130R featured a turbocharged 4 cylinder, but more importantly, rear wheel drive.

Could this model appear in Australia badged as a Torana? Would it be a worthy vehicle to carry the Torana name, and would Holden re-introduce a GTR XU1?  Perhaps with a V6 shoehorned under that long nose? Look at the picture and you be the judge.


Picture Gallery – Promo Girls from Las Vegas SEMA show

A picture gallery of the popular promo girls at the 2011 SEMA show in Las Vegas.

Every year we go to the massive SEMA automotive show in Las Vegas, and every year we end up with a gallery of promo girls.

Usually after we have done the car pictures and the story, but this year were a bit late with the November 2011 event pictures. Our full picture coverage of the amazing vehicles that were on display will follow shortly.

Click on any small image to see the full size gallery of the girls.



Aston Martin Destroyed At Rally Calder

A $500,000 dollar Aston Martin was wrecked at Rally Calder – Pictures and Video.


$500,000 Aston Martin Wrecked

The opening stage of day three of East Coast Bullbars Rally Calder has been marred by a major accident involving the Aston Martin V8 Vantage of Tasmanians Ivan Thompson and Karl Francis.

The half million dollar Aston Martin made heavy contact after sliding wide on wet grass and contacting a concrete barrier at high speed destroying the left hand door of the car.

Co-driver Francis was transferred to a local hospital for precautionary x-rays following the incident and has been diagnosed with a dislocated pelvis but has been cleared of neck, shoulder and spinal injury. Thompson walked away from the accident without injury.

Car owner Dave Thompson is assessing whether or not the car can be repaired for the remaining rounds of the Bosch Australian Rally Championship.

Meanwhile, Steve Shepherd holds the outright lead in the Four Wheel Drive Championship with the final two stages of the event being held this afternoon and Honda drive Eli Evans heads controls the Two Wheel Drive Championship.

scroll down for video of crash, and click on small images below to open full size picture gallery.